Turn your kitchen scraps into
nutrient-rich compost

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EarthWorks – owned by Robert and Sue Crofton-Sleigh

With our landfills reaching capacity and many natural resources becoming depleted, it only makes sense to recycle and re-use the organic waste that is otherwise put out with the trash. Composting kitchen scraps returns nutrients to the earth as an unsurpassed organic fertilizer; vermicomposting or composting with red worms greatly speeds the process and with a compact, upward migration worm bin it is possible to recycle kitchen waste in even the smallest of apartments. No mess, no smell and minimal effort!

EarthWorks stocks only the best worm bins made from recycled plastics and little or no off-shore content. And we strive to supply all our customers’ red wiggler needs from our own worm beds (our “worm farm”).  more >>

Ecological awareness is driving the growing popularity of VERMICOMPOSTING – but if you still wonder what it means…
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A WORM FACTORY ® 360, ideal when you want to efficiently recycle using a worm bin in limited space…
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COMPOST WORMS – true friends of the earth and the heart of our worm composting business…
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vermicomposting products

Our range of vermicomposting products + accessories includes:
 European Nightcrawlers  – composting worm also great for bait because of its larger size
 Red Wigglers  – an all round composting worm, from our worm farm
 Worm Factory 360  – stacking-tray worm composter turns kitchen waste into vermicompost
 Worm Inn  – low-maintenance worm composting system with optimum air-flow
 Worm Wigwam  – smallest industrial grade flow-through vermicomposter
 UrBin Grower  – flexible raised bed organic growing system
Red Wigglers are once again available! Thank you for your patience.

European Nightcrawlers will be available again from May 1st. African Nightcrawlers will also be available. Please call us at 1-855-823-2280 for more info!