Eco Responsible Living

While trying to make a difference was a motivation for us in starting our vermicomposting business, living in an eco responsible way is still very much a work in progress. Our business is a great way for us to encourage others who feel the same way; this page is meant as more food for thought…

This story by Good Morning America does a pretty good job of presenting the bad news and then the good:

Seattle’s Vision of an Urban Food Oasis
An idea with real potential: Seven acres of permaculture, open for public consumption, completely driven by community involvement:

Not a Fairytale:
America’s First Public Food Forest

Building with Plastic Bottles
Collecting garbage along the roadside, bringing volunteers together to benefit their own communities, and using the recycled material to create effectively insulated walls in a schoolhouse – in Guatemala:

PBS: Discarded Plastic Bottles

and in Ethiopia…

a house made of bottles, packed with sand, placed on their side and stacked up, and bound together with mud… cost one third of what a similar house made of concrete and bricks would cost… Built to withstand bullets, fires and earthquakes,each one bedroom house uses around 7,800 plastic bottles and also includes a living room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen… In all, twenty-five homes, which will be available to rent, are being built and should make a dramatic positive impact on the local community and environment.