EVENT: MAY 20, 2011

Chilliwack YMCA Preschool – Worm Farm Visit

On Friday May 20th 2011 we hosted our very first field trip for Chilliwack’s local YMCA Pre-School classes entertaining 30 children together with their teachers and parents.

The sun shone for us as we led the children in four small groups from one activity station to another. Firstly each child planted a sunflower seed in a previously decorated plant pot, nurturing their seed in our wonderful fertile soil together with a sprinkle of water. Secondly the children played with worms enjoying digging around in the dirt! Thirdly they watched the fascinating cardboard shredder invention enjoying switching it on and off – under Robert’s close supervision of course! Lastly the children completed a fun craft pertaining to composting and had circle time reading books about an elusive worm and how a seed grows. All good stuff!

Although I am not sure the 3 – 4 year-old budding composters grasped the concept of processing kitchen scraps to organic soil, they very much enjoyed making worm earrings, bracelets and necklaces!

A fun time was had by all and we have been asked if they can come back next year for a visit!