The Vermiculture Community

The Vermicomposting Community in Canada and the USA is characterized by an established based of hobby enthusiasts and researchers (both formal and informal), and a growing population of householders and industries moving towards a more sustainable way of life. (And of course businesses like ours that agree wholeheartedly, and channel a personal interest into business products and services.)

Please check back back here on this page regularly, as we expect to continue adding groups and resources that clearly contribute to the advancement of the Vermiculture Community.


A vermicomposting community foundation: check out the websites:
The Community Blog – start a profile and join the discussion;
The Community Map – currently 1857 worm composters pinned on various parts of the map, including yours truly Robert Crofton-Sleigh

Don’t let the modest website fool you –
CityFarmer has been a force in the Vermicomposting community since its formation in 1978. The original website: Urban Agriculture Notes contains an archive of all the useful material posted over the years. It’s Organic Food Gardening focus includes a generous amount of discussion and resources regarding vermicomposting (and our inclusion in their Worm Supplier directory has yielded a steady flow of visits to our website).
While still gaining the traction that the original website holds, City Farmer News website contains new stories in the “Urban Agriculture Notes” tradition.

Opening up affiliations in Eastern Canada:
We’ve been getting to know the “dean” of online vermicomposting Bentley Christie, and his array of worm-composting-supportive websites – For example:,

Various Interesting Resources

Universities for years now have been a hotbed (pun intended) for vermiculture. Treehugger noticed that all this research has given birth to successful industrial scale vermicomposting operations:
“From a 40-acre facility in California selling 300 lbs/week of worms, and over 4,000 tons/year of castings, compost and soil amendments, to a Pennsylvania facility that treats 10 wet tons/week of biosolids from waste water treatment facilities, these are clearly no small-scale operations. Most seem to make their money from a variety of income streams—selling worm castings and extracts, but also selling worms themselves and other products…”
Worm Composting Becomes Big Business

Forum topics of wide interest to Vermicomposters – from Using Worm Castings to Beddings to Black Flies

No interaction with as yet, but thought this is an interesting website service:
Young Urban Farmers™ is a Toronto-based company that helps people grow their own fresh food in the city. Founded in 2009 by a group university graduates, we hope to share our passion for local organic produce by making gardening simple, fun, and rewarding for people across the GTA, Ontario and beyond.

Connections to the south…
Our American neighbours are happy to lend a hand …
(despite those annoying issues involving borders)