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Just realised that it is over 2 years since I posted anything here which I admit is a pretty poor record… even Webmaster Wayne has given up trying to cajole me into producing some updates, lol! However this year has already seen some innovations that perhaps we should promote and there are more on the way.

The last couple of years have been challenging with regard to meeting the demand for quality red wigglers, in particular during the summer months when it has been unusually dry for extended periods. As past customers are probably aware, we reluctantly had to withdraw red wigglers from general sale for quite a while last year. To address this issue we have developed a new system for raising and managing our worms. It’s very simple and is working so well that for now I’m keeping it top secret!!! I might be persuaded to publish a post on this later on this year… suffice it to say that although we will still need to supplement our own stock of red wigglers with stock from our US supplier, we hope that this summer we will be able to ship without interruption; safe shipping temperatures permitting, of course!

Our new growing system has also made a couple of new and interesting developments possible:

1) We will soon be offering a starter package comprising 1 pound of red wigglers grown in approx. 10 litres of bedding. Grown and sold in the same large, custom-made, breathable bag, the worms will already be living in bedding to which they have adjusted. This will ensure that they incur minimal disturbance and stress when being transferred into a new composting bin. We believe that this is going to be especially helpful for first time vermiculturalists. Regrettably, owing to the size and weight of this package it will only be available to customers who are able to collect directly from us. Upon request, however, we will be prepared to look into the cost of shipping.

2) This is really exciting! Spurred on by the enthusiasm of a long-time customer we have been looking into the feasibility of importing African Nightcrawlers, Eudrilus eugeniae, into Canada from the US. We are confident that we are now able to do so! This is the worm that originally got us interested in vermiculture and is ultimately responsible for the very existence of Earthworks Composting Supplies. African Nightcrawlers are larger than the European Nightcrawler and reputably have a voracious appetite for composting. The downside is that being tropical worms they are susceptible to low temperatures and will start to die below 55 degrees F. They will have to be kept indoors during the winter, up here in the Great White North!

More to come…

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