EARTHWORKS: An Introduction

EarthWorks Composting Supplies began with a desire to create a simpler, more down to earth lifestyle. Whilst in many ways simpler just didn’t happen (all this IT and e-commerce stuff doesn’t come easy to a lot of us kids from the ’50s, does it?), life working with compost worms on our hobby farm in Chilliwack B.C. doesn’t get much better. To anyone not bitten by the worm composting bug that probably sounds a little weird, but if you’re reading this I’m assuming that you must at least have some idea of what I’m talking about. Anyhow, onward and upward…….

Three years ago, after thirty-six years as an owner operator in the trucking industry, I found myself on a lay-over in Armstrong BC. After waiting a day, the only load dispatch could find was a load of worm castings from Kelowna headed for Phoenix, Oregon. Hauling worm poop didn’t sound very enticing and I was inclined to turn it down. But I didn’t, and what do you know, it completely changed my life. The proverbial epiphany; well, almost! Paul Shoemaker, the owner and founder of Nurturing Nature, kindly showed me over his operation and introduced me to worm castings. Of course this was the complete opposite of the yucky product that I had been expecting. I remember being fascinated by the process, although somewhat reluctant to put my hand into a bin of squirming African Nightcrawlers. I’m pleased to report that reluctance has long since passed! Thank you Paul, you made quite an impression, especially now I realise the challenges of employing E. eugeniae in our climate. I think that we will be sticking with the less demanding Red Wigglers and European Nightcrawlers.

As I may have mentioned, thirty-six years in trucking and with things definitely not what they were, I was looking around for some new way to occupy myself, pay the bills and literally keep me off the streets. We are fortunate to live on a couple of acres here in the Fraser Valley and the idea of making a living from it is very appealing. Vermiculture is perfect; enough space for a viable worm business and the potential to promote the advantages of using vermicompost and earth tea.

We have experience with all the products offered by our business and are satisfied that they are of the highest quality. Fully operational demonstration models of the Worm Factory 360, the Worm Inn and Worm Wigwam are on display at our farm and we invite you to come by and check them out. Just call ahead to ensure that we’re at home.

Robert & Sue Crofton-Sleigh,
Chilliwack BC, May 2011

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