European Nightcrawler update

Back to our ENC conundrum of 2011; here is the somewhat inconclusive end to the tale. To recap, we bought 10 lbs of Euros and split them between a Worm Inn and one of our 1′x2′x3′ plywood boxes. These were great looking worms and produced an abundance of cocoons but gradually the number of adults dwindled and although a mass of smaller worms (juveniles?) remained they never achieved the size or appearance of mature ENCs. Were they in fact infiltrating Red Wigglers? E. fetida will tend to dominate E. hortensis.

To cut a long story short, we eventually housed them in two of our 1x2x3 boxes but when the time came to change their bedding (a disadvantage of these boxes is that when full they contain in excess of 200 lbs of compost each) there was still no change in the size of the worms. Rather than go to the trouble of separating them from over 400 lbs of compost we opted to cut our losses and release them into the windrow. More on the windrow later but for now at the very least we have additional red wigglers out there; if we are really lucky we will start to find Euros as well.

In the meantime we have bought in a fresh stock of Euros and revised their feed/bedding regimen. So far everything is good. Euros continue to be a favourite of ours and we heartily recommend them!

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