(1) Composting worms, (2) vermicomposting systems, (3) our help and support in getting you started in recycling your own organic kitchen waste. Worm composting made easy.

European Nightcrawlers
(Eisenia hortensis)

  • Great bait worm – larger than red wigglers
  • Easy to care for
  • Very good composting worm

Price: Cdn $49.00 ¹ 1 lb. *plus tax + S/H

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Worm Factory ® 360

  • Expandable stacking-tray design – largest volume of any home worm bin
  • turns kitchen waste into nutrient-rich soil
  • Lightweight, odourless, easy to manage

Price: Cdn $114.95 *plus tax + S/H

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worm factory
Worm Factory Expansion Kit
Need to expand your Worm Factory ® 360?

2 extra trays in green, black or terracotta

Price: Cdn $19.95 *plus tax + S/H

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The Worm Inn ©

  • Innovative home composting system
  • Optimum air-flow design: breathable,
    continuous flow, optimized surface area ratio
  • Low maintenance:
    Worms in – UNLIMITED compost out!

Price: Cdn $82.95 *plus tax + S/H

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Stand Kit – Worm Inn
complete stand solution – compact, portable, rugged

Price: Cdn $29.95 *plus tax + S/H

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Worm Wigwam

  • One of the smallest industrial grade flow through vermicomposters available
  • At full capacity, produces up to 75 pounds of finished vermicompost per week
  • Unique, simple to use system
  • Designed to meet the vermicomposting needs of small restaurants, school cafeterias
  • Also highly suitable for families and neighbours wishing to combine recycling resources in one very efficient, easy to manage operation

Price: Cdn $850.00 *plus tax + S/H

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