September 2011 Update:

Wayne Froese of Asgard Forge went to work for us in June, completely redesigning our website. I have to say that I’m delighted with the result. Wayne’s forte is websites that not only work, but are also visually appealing and informative. Although I have to admit to a little bias, I think he has done us proud ~ and continues to do so, working with us and encouraging me to take an active part in the design and development of what we hope will be an interesting and informative website.
And now, back to worm business.
Perhaps our most disappointing and puzzling venture this year has been with European Nightcrawlers. We had been wanting to offer these larger cousins of the red wiggler for a while, so in March we ordered our first 10 lbs from our good friend, Alanna Jurden of Northwest Wigglers in Washington state. In due course the worms arrived at the border, we cleared them through Canada Customs (getting better at that all the time!) and got them home to Chilliwack. What beautiful worms! Just take a look at the picture on our product page; they are the actual worms, thick as pencils and extremely healthy. This was at the end of March and we were busy preparing for the Chilliwack Yard Garden and Reno Show. Time was short, so seven and a half pounds went straight into one of our plywood boxes and the remaining two and a half pounds were used to stock a demonstration Worm Inn.

For a couple of months all went well, the Euros appeared to thrive and produced masses of cocoons; in hindsight this might have been a warning of things to come. Gradually the number of full sized worms seemed to dwindle in both the box and the Worm Inn. For a while I managed to convince myself that they were hanging out in the lower levels, one of the characteristics of ENC’s. By July, I had to admit that there were almost no adults to be found in either system. Now, composting worms are extremely adaptable but sometimes when placed in a different or hostile environment will either take off or go into a breeding frenzy. At least that’s what I’ve read many times, but until now I’d never experienced it.
To be continued…..

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